Image of a woodpecker on a nut feeder

Wild Bird Food in Compostable & Marine Degradable Bags

All products supplied here have been used in the Hedge Buddies garden for the past few years. Various types of seeds and grains have been tried and tested during that time. The straights and mixes supplied are guaranteed to be no waste, good quality bird food that will encourage all types of wild birds to flock to your feeders year round.

Image of a robin standing on a branch

With a strong emphasis on being environmentally friendly and having an absolute love of all things nature, all products supplied are in packaging that is sustainable, renewable & compostable. The cello bags meet the following measures:

Birds find food sources by watching out for where they can see other activity, so be patient if you are only getting one or two types of bird coming to your feeders.We used to have a small selection of birds and now we get a wide variety, including migrating birds that are only stopping over on their way to their breeding sites.

Image of a bird on a branch

All products are hand mixed and packaged at time of order ensuring you get fresh tasty food for your visitors.

Allergy Warning
Peanuts are stored and packed in the same location as all other products. Whilst utmost care will be taken to try to prevent cross contamination, all products may contain trace nuts.