#Birds – Autumn is coming

Well here we are into September and there is a clear hint that Autumn is coming. It’s a bit colder, wetter and there are little signs that the leaves are turning.

It’s surprising to still see new blue tit fledglings coming to the feeders this late in the year. On contacting the RSPB they confirmed that it is late for them as they only have one brood a year. Today I’m still getting juvenile blue tits, coal tits, a green finch, gold finches and robins. I can only put it down to having lots of food available for them here. At least 12 feeders are out for them, so they are not competing for food.

I know a lot of people stop feeding the birds Spring/Summer but I feed all year round and it appears to be making a difference. Lots of natural sources of food are limited these days, but supplement feeding helps to counteract that.

Making up different mixes for the different feeders has also helped by giving the birds their own spaces. In particular the ground feeding birds eat the raisin mix more than the tube feeders. Songbirds like the blackbird like raisins and can’t eat from the tube feeders or nuts because they can’t hang on. So unless you have a table or use ground feeding they can only get what is dropped by the other birds.

All the different types of birds appreciate dried mealworms, however they shouldn’t be a primary option. As an addition to sunflower hearts, peanuts and suet pellets or balls they are a good alternative when insect activity is low.

If you are on a budget but still want to give your birds a mixed option, take a look at the Hedge Buddies mixes. You will find something that fits the bill without having to buy lots of different packets of food. I got fed up with the amount of wasted food from the options on the market and started mixing my own. This led me to thinking other people must have the same problem. The long and short of it, Hedge Buddies was born. Good quality food that I know the birds love and in mixed options that are both no waste and no grow. The added bonus is the environmentally friendly packaging, compostable and biodegradable what could be better!

The above is a snapshot of the garden visitors we get here. The field mouse eats from the ground feeder as does the badger. The badger found the hedgehog food I put out, so not sure if I have a hedgehog this year yet. I’m happy to to feed all visitors.

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