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Hedge Buddies, The Kennels Pitcaple, Inverurie, AB51 5EA

Frequently Asked Questions!

It is easier and safer for the birds also for other animals if you are able to put your bird food up high. Bird food is dangerous for hedgehogs to eat as it can cause brittle bones. For dogs, anything with currants or raisins should not be put on the ground as this can make them ill. If you have a feeding stand, get a tray that fits onto it for the robins, blackbirds and other ground feeding birds to get their tasty bites in safety up high too.

Yes, fresh water should be supplied along with the feeders. Check in winter that it hasn’t frozen over and top up water in the hot months of summer.

The advice used to be that you shouldn’t feed during breeding season, however as a lot of their natural food sources have disappeared it is now recommended that you should support feed throughout the year.

At least once a week you should empty, wash and sterilise the feeding stations. Maybe more often in the hot humid weather.

No is the simple answer. Solid fat is both easier for them to chip off bits to eat and also stops their beak getting too sticky with the fats and then spreading that onto their feathers. Greasy feathers reduces their protection from rain getting right through to their skin.