Bird Art by EarthandSandbyAnna

Bird art by EarthandSandbyAnna

Prices start from £1.50 – Use coupon code HEDGE10 to get 10% off purchases directly from Anna

Choose from postcards, hanging decorations or paintings – See other images and description for more products and details


NB: I have shown EarthandSandbyAnna bird works in the listing but she undertakes many others wildlife pieces of art too.

Anna is a Glasgow based artist taking her inspiration from the nature and wildlife surrounding her. She can be followed on Twitter @earthandsandba where you can interact with her and see new pieces as they are created.

I am delighted to take commissions for paintings. If you would like one of my miniatures, drop me an email and let me know what animal you would like. Each one can be painted and ready in two/three days depending on previous appointments.

I am working towards reducing plastics even further and therefore will be trialling some new packaging in the coming days.

Welcome to EarthandSandbyAnna gifts and artworks. I make mostly one off, clay gifts, mini-sculpts, pendants and art works based on my love of nature and folklore. My paintings have their own section.

My respect for nature is evident in my practices where I Reduce, Re-use and Recycle, without sacrificing quality.

I make items that I want to own in the hope that someone will also have the same love for my pieces. The aim is to get affordable, original art to anyone who wants it.

My pieces are handmade, handpainted, the majority of which are one of a kind. Items are professionally finished but not mass marketed therefore do not have a machine produced finish.

I would love to answer any questions you have on my shop and would absolutely love suggestions for products or how I can improve. 😊💚

Hedge Buddies note: Anna is a solo artist and trying to be as ecofriendly as she can be and is transitioning to more ecofriendly packaging.