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Set of 3 (1 x nut, 1 x seed, 1 x fat ball)
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Standard size bird nut and seed feeders. Choose either, or, or both.

Hang your feeders in a quiet location (preferably in site of a window for your pleasure). Keep away from possible predators. Group feeders together and near vegetation for the birds to have an escape route if a cat or sparrowhawk appears.

Birds like feeding in one place so ensure feed is available all year round. Less natural resources are available to them now. They need regular help and a regular location. Always provide fresh water near your feeders for them too.

Monitor your feeders regularly. Don’t let food go stale. Only put out what they will eat in 2 – 3 days. discard stale or moulding food as this will make them ill. Once wet food will go off quicker. Sterilise your feeders regularly. Hedge Buddies uses a well known denture steriliser then rinses thoroughly and dries them before putting back out.

Standard size bird nut and seed feeders are for a garden that you can put lots of different feeder out in different locations.

Standard Bird Feeders

Nut feeder, Seed feeder, Fat Ball Feeder, Set of 3 Feeders


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