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Subscription Box – Choose what’s in your box and save every month with discounts. There is no admin charge so add this product line at £0.00 then place your required monthly order after reading FULL description carefully. Min 3kg Max 14kg per subscription. Discounts equate to 1.5 boxes of FREE product over the course of the year.

Contact me if you have any questions prior to ordering – Elizabeth

Bird Food Subscription Box – Please read carefully.

Direct Bank Payment only initially – I will be administering this manually and direct bank payment has lower costs than card or paypal charges which allows for the discounts being applied.

Save every month with your subscription box. 10% discount months 1 – 6, 12.5% discount months 7 – 11 and 27.5%  discount month 12. This is the equivalent of 1 & 1/2 free boxes of product over the 12 months (excluding delivery charge).

eg –  3kg of HBMIX £12.90 plus delivery, subscribe for full 12 months and save £19.35 (usual delivery charge applies)

You can cancel at any time by giving a months notice. Restarting at a later date would put you back to month 1. For a subscription carrying on to year 2, it would start at month 1 again.

Minimum order 3kg net weight – Maximum order 14kg net weight. The reason for the maximum weight is that all orders that are over 15kg including the box are considered a two man lift. This would need to be sent in 2 boxes. The pricing for the subscription is calculated on 1 box deliveries.

  • Select Bird Food Subscription Box as your first product line.
  • Browse the shop and choose the items you want in your subscription box and add the applicable P&P for the weight of your order. Delivery charges are not discounted in this offer.
  • Select Direct Bank Payment at checkout then wait until I apply the discount and re-send the order to you with the discounted new total with your subscription code for payment.
  • Use the subscription code given when paying and then on every payment during the 12 month period.
  • I will send you a notice of the subscription order and payments for the following 11 months.
  • I will raise a new invoice for you on 15th of each month and email it to you for payment.
  • Your order will normally be made up and sent out for delivery within 48 hours of payment or within 10 days if I’m on holiday. I will notify you if I will be on holiday.
  • You can amend your box contents by giving a months notice of change and your new monthly cost will be amended. Max 3 times during the year.
  • You will be locking in current pricing. Price increases I get on stock during your 12 month subscription will not affect you for the duration. New pricing will be applied if you choose to carry on into a 2nd year.
  • Special promotion prices during the year will may applied to your subscription at my discretion or you can place a separate order.

Please bear with me during the early period of this subscription box offer in case there are some glitches to be ironed out.

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5 reviews for Bird Food Subscription Box

  1. Cheryl Ledward-Lee (verified owner)

    The birds (and occasional squirrel) that visit my garden love hedgebuddies bird seed mixes. They clear the bird table and empty the feeders, only leaving the odd raisin. No waste and no bird seed grass growing under the feeders! Even the packaging can be composted. The subscription service is great, we never run out of bird food and save money too.

    • Hedge Buddies

      Your birds are certainly chomping through their food Cheryl. Great that your garden is getting so many visitors and enjoying it so much. Thank you for taking the time to review the Subscription service.
      Elizabeth :)

  2. Jacqui Cottrell (verified owner)

    If the speed at which the birds devour this is anything to go by, the food is delicious! Sunflower seeds and fat balls rarely last a day before every one has been eaten. The subscription service makes it so much easier to manage, and I know the birds are getting fed, and I’m saving money by having a regular order. Brilliant service always from Elizabeth.

    • Hedge Buddies

      Thank you Jacqui.
      It’s as important for me to have a good relationship with my clients as it is to provide top quality food for your birds. So it’s great to get good feedback about the Subscription service.
      Elizabeth :)

  3. Linda tachauer (verified owner)

    Great service, the birds love the food and sit waiting for me to refill the feeders, with the monthly subscription I don’t have to think about reordering, I save money and all packaging can be composted, perfect 👍 thank you Elizabeth

    • Hedge Buddies

      Really appreciate the positive comments about the Subscription service Linda. I know from before starting the business how easy it is to think about placing an order then finding you’ve run out of food before you’ve done it. Empty feeders means hangy birds lol
      Elizabeth :)

  4. Jacky Taylor (verified owner)

    Absolutely fab delivery from Hedge Buddies every month, and the subscription service really helps to manage re-filling the feeders without running out and budget at the same time. Word’s certainly got around on the garden bird circuit here, we get a whole variety coming to gobble up the tastiest food in town! Thanks Elizabeth.

    • Hedge Buddies

      Good to hear that the subscription service works well for you Jacky. Jess keeps me up to date with new visitors when we chat over on Twitter. It’s flocks of goldfinches that I’m getting just now. They’re lovely but so much littler than the ones that grew up here this year lol
      Elizabeth :)

  5. Angela Wilkinson (verified owner)

    While I was delighted to find Hedge Buddies with good quality and selection of food, my problem was remembering to reorder. You can really spot the difference in the birds’ reaction to supermarket bird food and Hedge Buddies, so I was very happy when Elizabeth announced the subscription service.

    I don’t have to remember to place an order, I’m saving money, and the packaging is compostable, so all I have to do is enjoy watching all the birds visit my garden. We even had a young woodpecker this year, the first time ever. Thanks Elizabeth!

    • Hedge Buddies

      Thanks Angela
      Love hearing that the subscription is working well for you. From my own experience before setting up Hedge Buddies, supermarket mixes mostly ended up on the ground and I had a good crop of barley growing under the feeders lol. The birds eat everything now and anything that spills on the ground gets cleaned up by the ground feeders which is great.
      Elizabeth :)

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