Bird Mat and Cutlery Pouch Set


Bird Mat and Cutlery Pouch Set (2)

2 mats and pouches per set. 6 possible bird pouches. Random Selection (will try to give one of each design while stock allows when ordering 3 sets) Limited stock available.

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Bird Mat and Cutlery Pouch Set

Set off your patio furniture beautifully with this Bird Mat and Cutlery Pouch Set. Sold in packs of 2 (2 mats and 2 pouches) you can add as many sets as required for your family and friends group. The mats are triple layered with a medium weight twill interlining (260gsm) and calico backing. All layers are 100% cotton, and were prewashed prior to being made up into the products. I chose the interlining to ensure that hot plates put on them will mean your glass top table is protected somewhat from the heat.

The Bird Mat and Cutlery Pouch Set has 6 different bird pouches. If you are buying 3 sets I will try to give you one of each bird but this might not be possible as the stock goes down. Due to the repeat pattern it was not possible to have 6 different table mat designs per se.  I will include a variation of those too where possible if ordering 3 sets.

There is a limited level of stock initially to see how they go, but I would hope to get more made up in the future if they are a hit.

These were made by crafter Jayne at Channory Treasures, who also happens to be a Hedge Buddies customer, so keeping it in the family so to speak. I have set up a listing of Jayne’s other beautiful work but if you wish to purchase her work you will leave my store and land on her own facebook page to continue a purchase.

Citronella Candle

In the photos of the table set up I have also got one of the Citronella Candles in a tin. You can purchase this from Hedge Buddies too. It’s a lovely scent and will help keep bugs away from you and your food. Alfresco dining is lovely but you don’t want to be pestered by bugs while you eat. also available as tealights.

Bug Off Bar

Another great option is to also add the Bug Off Bar. You will smell amazing too while the bugs keep their distance.


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