Bird Seed Feeder HD Aluminium


Bird Seed Feeder HD Aluminium

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Bird Seed Feeder HD Aluminium

This seed feeder is a good quality heavy duty aluminium one with 4 feeding ports for the birds to share their time on it.

Longer than your normal feeders they shouldn’t be over filled unless you have a lot of bird visitors. As your bird numbers increase you can put more out at a time. Wet food will go mouldy and make the birds ill. None of us want that.

Lots of customers are reporting increased bird activity using the Hedge Buddies Mixes. Take a look and see what would suit you best I personally use the HBMIX08 in the hedge Buddies garden which has a bit of everything the birds will eat.

Always clear up spills from the ground to prevent hedgehogs from getting any of the bird food as this can cause them to get a metabolic bone disease.