Bird Sleep/Nest Pod Bamboo


Bird Sleep/Nest Pod Bamboo

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Bird Sleep/Nest Pod Bamboo

The bird sleep pod is environmentally friendly and compostable at the end of it’s life. Hang them in a nice big tree or hedge that has branches. You can hang these on a fence corner that would protect it from swinging about. Why not give the birds somewhere to get some respite from the long cold nights. Maybe adopt for their nesting with a sleep pod they can get some shelter in.

Birds don’t get a good night sleep the way that we do. Some even sleep with one eye open to check for danger. The other half of their brain rests. They perch on branches normally tucked down onto their feet which causes their muscles to tighten and lets them grip the branch all the better to stay put through the night.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if you found a robin had adopted one for their clutch of babies in the spring. They like to have a good opening to get in and out. This might prove just the place for them to nest. Find a nice quiet spot without too many people active around the area and you never know what you might find has adopted one for their own. Lots of birds will be looking for a safe nesting site in the next few months.

Of course they are going to be out in all weathers so they may not have an extended life span. They are pretty inexpensive to buy and then replace as and when they become too far gone to offer any further protection.

In keeping with the environmental aspect of Hedge Buddies they can be composted at the end of their life and therefore not harm the environment.

The bird sleep pod is environmentally friendly and compostable at the end of it’s life