Copper Effect Bird Feeders


Copper Effect Bird Feeders.

Choose individual items or full set of 3

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Copper effect bird feeders. You can choose individual items or the full set of feeders. Longer than your normal feeders they shouldn’t be over filled unless you have a lot of bird visitors. As your bird numbers increase you can put more out at a time. Wet food will go mouldy and make the birds ill. None of us want that.

Lots of customers are reporting increased bird activity using the Hedge Buddies Mixes. Take a look and see what would suit you best I personally use the HBMIX08 in the hedge Buddies garden which has a bit of everything the birds will eat.

Copper effect bird feeders will make your garden look very stylish.


Nut Feeder, Seed Feeder, Fat Ball Feeder, Set of 3 Feeders