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Gary Black Photography – The Garden Selection

Gary has received acclaim for his wildlife photography around Scotland. He is known for his campaigning for wildlife organisations and charities. He is a committee member of The Wildlife Trust & a tour guide for Go Wild Scotland a nonprofit organisation that supports the work of wildlife projects in Scotland.

We both support charities and a donation from each sale will be made to 2 of them. These photos will be supporting SOS Wildlife Hospital. I will be supporting my local environmental project for the disabled The Pitcaple Environmental Project of which I’m a board member. I donate bird food to them for the gardens.

This offering has come about due to Gary being a great supporter of Hedge Buddies since it’s start in August 2019.  He didn’t get birds in his garden prior to using the Hedge Buddies products. Gary now has a wide variety of birds using his garden. This resulted in him having some birds breed in the garden this year. He  has had the pleasure of seeing fledglings for the first time in his garden.

We are working together by me offering him web space to support the multiple requests he’s had from his followers on Twitter asking to buy photos and him supplying the photos. You can find us both on Twitter as Gary Black @Shanks1Scotland where he posts daily and me as @HedgeBuddies . My name is Elizabeth. I make up my own brand of mixes and package everything in environmentally friendly packaging.

The Garden Selection


GBP0027 Baby House Sparrow, GBP0028 Baby House Sparrow, GBP0029 Goldfinch Tongue, GBP0030 Long Tailed Tit, GBP0031 Wren, GBP0032 Wren, GBP0033 Wren, GBP0034 Wren, GBP0035 Goldcrest, GBP0036 Goldcrest, GBP0037 Dunnock, GBP0038 Dunnock, GBP0039 Dunnock, GBP0040 Jay, GBP0041 Jay, GBP0042 Jay, GBP0043 Redstart, GBP0044 Redstart, GBP0048 GS Woodpeckers