HBMIX04 – Sunflower Hearts, Peanut Granules & Raisins – Bird food in compostable bags


Sunflower Hearts, Peanut Granules & Raisins

Price per kilo goes down as the weight goes up. The ALLSORTS option allows you to choose different mixes but benefit from the weight/price reduction. (only use for selection of mixes)

Not suitable for Hedgehogs

HBMIX04 – Sunflower Hearts, Peanut Granules & Raisins

This mix is suitable for when you don’t have a mesh feeder but want to give the birds nuts as well as sunflower hearts and adding in the raisins as a treat for the songbirds. It’s best not to put whole peanuts onto a bird table or in ground feeding dishes as they attract the larger species of birds. The larger birds need to be fed too, but maybe in a location away from where you normally feed and watch the smaller birds. Birds become reliant on supplemental feeding, so once you start it’s now advised to feed throughout the year.

Sunflower hearts for garden birds are ‘the’ go to seed for most. A fast food but with more healthy benefits. Peanuts¬† are a highly nutritious source of protein attracting a wide variety of visitors. Raisins will give the songbirds a treat and some other birds will give them a try. When insects are in short supply, they provide a high energy, high protein alternative. Support feeding birds this oil rich food helps to keep their feathers and skin in tip top condition. Buying hearts means less mess under and around your bird table. When autumn arrives, stepping up feeding gives them the energy they need to make it through a frosty night. Short winter days and long winter nights mean that small birds have to eat efficiently to gain the most benefit.

NB: The packaging – A lot of research went into finding the most environmentally friendly option while still having the strength to hold the weight of product. You can put the bags into your home composting, garden waste bin or into your regular bin. It will take longer to compost at home, but will take approx 12 weeks in a landfill site. It is certified to the European (EN13432) for Industrially compostable packaging.

HBMIX04 – Sunflower Hearts, Peanut Granules & Raisins – bird seed online – birds seed mixes


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Sunflower Hearts, Peanut Granules & RaisinsHBMIX04 – Sunflower Hearts, Peanut Granules & Raisins – Bird food in compostable bags
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