A Hedgehog House


Hedgehog House

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Wooden hedgehog house with cotton moss effect.

Having somewhere for the hedgehogs to call home is more likely to attract one into your garden to take up residence. It is always best to find a quiet spot in the garden eg. under a hedge or in a quiet corner with the door facing away from the main direction of the elements such as rain, wind and snow. If the wind comes from the east in your garden normally then place it with the door facing west if possible.

The hedgehog will find it’s own bedding and create a nice comfortable cosy bed for itself. You can help by not clearing up all the fallen leaves in your garden immediately they fall off the trees in Autumn as this is what the hog will use to create it’s bedding. If you don’t have a hedge or trees in the garden then you could maybe provide it with some shop bought bedding or such like so that it feels at home.


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