Occasion Cards by Amelia Clark

Occasion Cards by Amelia Clark of London

Slightly sweary but always fun Amelia creates fabulous cards and art for all occasions.

Prices start from £1.75 – Use Coupon Code HEDGE10 to get 10% off purchases on her site.


Occasion Cards by Amelia Clark of London.

Amelia describes herself as : Slightly sweary ginger designer with side hustle drawing naughty but niche greetings cards to shove up people’s post boxes. You can follow her shenanigan on Twitter @gingertotty which I highly recommend if you like a laugh. If it’s going to happen it will happen to her, but her sense of humour means even the darkest times can find a funny side.

TA DAHHHHHHHHH! After roughly 40 years of drawing cards for people and spreading joy and felt tip smudges to friends and family, I am finally going all capitalist and prostituting my art to the world at large… Expect rudeness, double entendres, terrible puns, nerdtastic movie references, and just all kinds of things you can post to people to make them smile. There ain’t enough of that in the world. Sprinkle that kindness shit everywhere, and let me help you. And as a by product, help enable my bacon and gin habits… Thank for stopping by… You stay classy, Etsy…


Occasion Cards by Amelia Clark