Peanuts for garden birds in compostable bags


Whole Peanuts for use with mesh feeders.
Nutritional Value per 100g
Energy 567 kcal
Carbohydrates 16g
Fat 49g
Protein 26g

Not suitable for Hedgehogs

Peanuts for garden birds & squirrels

Whole peanuts for garden birds are a highly nutritious source of protein attracting a wide variety of visitors. Regulars to the Hedge Buddies garden are woodpeckers, great tits, blue tits, coal tits, gold crests, green finches, sparrows, siskins and a family of squirrels to name a few. These peanuts have been selected from a top quality provider as it is important to use the best you can. You should store them in a cool dry place to prevent mould growth because this will make the birds unwell.

Whole peanuts are best put into mesh feeders so that birds can peck at them. Putting them onto a bird table whole will attract larger birds like pigeons and crows, but they will keep your small birds away. Maybe you could have a feeding station just for the larger birds in another area. They need to eat too and due to farmers ploughing so quickly after harvest a lot of their food sources have also disappeared.

NB: The packaging – A lot of research went into finding the most environmentally friendly option while still having the strength to hold the weight of product. You can put the bags into your home composting, garden waste bin or into your regular bin. It will take longer to compost at home, but will take approx 12 weeks in a landfill site. It is certified to the European (EN13432) for Industrially compostable packaging.

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PeanutsPeanuts for garden birds in compostable bags
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