Recycling Plastic Milk Bottles?

What do you think of the idea of recycling your plastic milk bottles by having a local service where if you wash out and sterilise your empty  plastic milk bottles, you can bring them to be filled with the bird food of your choice.

I checked out what a 2L bottle holds for some of the products:

This would be one way of changing your milk bottle from single use to a very handy holder for your bird food. You can then just pour the food onto your bird table or into a tube feeder and when it is empty, just bring it back for another refill. All the products have a price per kilo, so whatever container you choose to bring for a refill can be weighed and then the charge would be calculated from there.

Is this idea something that you would like to see offered? 

I am trying hard to make the company as environmentally friendly as possible. This means that if you choose a delivery option, the packaging will be:

  •  Recycled where possible before using a new product.
  • The tape that I use to seal the boxes is paper tape.
  • The labels are paper and solvent free

Please start a conversation about this in the comments below. I’d like to hear your ideas. For example, would you like the option to buy and have your bird food sent in recycled plastic milk bottles. I can check all the weights for 2L bottles and put them on the product list as options to purchase.

2 thoughts on “Recycling Plastic Milk Bottles?”

  1. Think this is a brilliant idea! I already do some of my shopping at a zero waste shop in Sheffield and am constantly annoyed that they don’t sell bird food and everywhere else tends to sell it in plastic bags. Feel conflicted when I buy any, but feel worse about not giving the birds a bit extra now the weather is changing.

    Would definitely buy your mixes if you had a recycled packaging option. Don’t really care what it looks like, as long as it’s better for the planet. x

    1. Hi Helen
      Thanks for taking the time to comment. The bags I currently use are made from wood pulp and completely compost in your home composting. Everything I use down to the labels and tape on the boxes is compostable, so nothing you get from me will cause harm to the planet. If you would like to buy the bird food in recycled plastic bottles I can do that too but would ask that you email me on for pricing.
      Elizabeth 🙂

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